A complete launchpad for Shibarium blockchain!

Create your own token, lock your tokens, start a presale, deploy a NFT collection all on Shibarium blockchain.

Stay safe and do your own research! Never blindly ape new launches. Validate the legitimacy of the project, the team, the holders wallets, locked liquidity, roadmap and always verify, don't just trust!

Contract deployer

Deploy your own token in seconds.

Deployed fully diluted value


Token locker

Lock normal tokens and LP tokens.

Locked fully diluted value

Coming soon

Presale platform

Raise funds for your startup.

Total BONE raised


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The Shibarium launchpad Shiploy

Shiploy is a launchpad exclusively for the Shibarium blockchain with all features fully integrated to the Shibarium network. Shiploy aims to be the leading launchpad, locker and deployment tool for the Shibarium chain.

How does the launchpad work?

Any team, developer or visitor may use our launchpad to deploy our unique contracts to the Shibarium blockchain and start their own crypto project in a matter of minutes. Our launchpad includes features such as Presale creation, token deployment, liquidity locker, NFT minting page and a lot more.

Does it cost anything to use?

There's a small transparent fee on all deployments made by teams and project owners but never any fees for the participants of presales, mints etc.

What's special about the Shiploy launchpad?

The Shiploy launchpad on Shibarium blockchain utilize the Astrospaces social network as an information base to fetch information about projects, communities and teams to enhance transparency and safety towards participants.